About us

The primary role of HECON is to develop a unified research and educational strategy for health economics and technology assessment, provide professional support to faculties and university centers, and jointly initiate, design and implement R&D and scientific research projects as well as domestic and international grant applications, which integrate the results of medical, technical, economic and business sciences.

HECON promotes the development and application of innovative, value-based healthcare technologies, assisting scientific, economic and social decision-making through the measurement, quantification and evidence-based evaluation of their actual or expected results, economic and social impact.

A strategic task of HECON is to function as an innovative research site that plays a significant role in talent management and preparing PhD students for a research career.

HECON brings together the activities of the University aimed at ensuring that theoretical and practical research in health economics and technology analysis is based on state-of-the-art foundations.

In collaboration with the University’s doctoral schools, HECON participates in PhD education according to the scope of activities, providing PhD topics and guidance.

HECON develops professional relationships with domestic and international players in medical, technical, economic and business sciences, as well as in healthcare and the health industry. It establishes research and grant collaborations, organizes professional events, and participates in the work of professional organizations.

The goal of HECON is to publish quality publications, contributing to the increase of the University’s publication performance and thereby advancing its position in international rankings.