One of our colleagues is at the forefront of European musculoskeletal research.

Prof. Péntek Márta portréja EULAR

Professor Márta Péntek, the leader of the Health Economics Research Center (HECON) within the University Research and Innovation Center at Óbuda University, has been elected to the newly-formed Epidemiology and Public Health Research Subcommittee of the European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR), based in Switzerland. EULAR represents European scientific societies focused on rheumatology.

This international research team, consisting of distinguished experts, is involved in two exciting research projects at the EULAR Research Center: the establishment of a “Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Disease Registry,” and the creation of a database called “RheumaFacts,” which provides up-to-date information on the health status, economic aspects, disease burden, care, inequalities, and research needs related to rheumatological and musculoskeletal diseases in Europe.

The research team is also responsible for developing new guidelines in areas such as expertise, research infrastructure development, training and education on the epidemiology and social aspects of rheumatological and musculoskeletal diseases.

The election of Prof. Márta Péntek DSc is not only a significant professional recognition but also an exceptional opportunity to represent scientific research at Óbuda University within this high-prestige European professional organization and to expand international research and development connections.