Barbara Tóth


2020. August –
Executive assistant to the vice-rector for research
Óbuda University

2019. April – 2022. October
Research Assistant
Corvinus University of Budapest, “Thematic Excellence Program”

2018. September- 2019. March
Chief Mayor’s Office

2015. június-2015. August
Miniszterelnöki Kabinetiroda

Hossein Motahari Nezhad

Experienced Teaching and Research Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in higher education. Skilled in Review studies, Evidence synthesis, Meta-analysis, Data Analysis, and Research. Strong education professional with a Ph.D. focused on Health Economics, digital health, health information management, health outcomes, systematic review, and meta-analysis from the Corvinus University of Budapest.

My research focus is on the methodological challenges of digital health in evidence synthesis and in meta-analyses.

Software for data analysis: R programming language, STATA. Intermediate knowledge in machine learning.

Áron Hölgyesi

Professional Experience

Health Economics Research Centre (HECON)
University Research and Innovation Centre
Óbuda University
96/B Bécsi út, Budapest, 1034

Division for Health Technology Assessment
National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition
3 Zrínyi utca, Budapest, 1051

Head of Department, Medical Department

Medical Expert, Medical Department

Fény Pharmacy
12 Lövőház utca, Budapest, 1024
2016 – 2018.: Deputy Manager
2015 – 2016.: Pharmacist


  • Aggregated Impact Factor: 15,104
  • Citations:
    • independent 38
    • dependent 6

MTMT publication list:

Google Scholar:

Dr. Zsombor Zrubka


2020 – Associate professor, head of HECON–Health Economics Research Center, Óbuda University

2020 – Part-time research fellow, Corvinus Institute for Advanced Studies, Corvinus University of Budapest

2020 – Senior lecturer, Department of Health Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest

2019-2020 – Assistant professor, Department of Health Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest

2019 – Professional coordinator, research project lead at Corvinus University of Budapest, Thematic Excellence Program (NKFIH-869-4/201) National Research, Development and Innovation Office

2018-2020 – Assistant research fellow, Corvinus University of Budapest

2015-2019 – PhD candidate, Department of Health Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest

1999 – 2000 – PhD candidate, Semmelweis University of Medicine


2015-2017 –  Head of Specialty Business Unit Sandoz Hungary Plc.
2011-2015 – International biotechnology and oncology marketing team leader, International Business Unit Manager Biotechnology and Oncology, International Business Unit Manager Biotechnology Egis Pharmaceuticals Plc.
2010-2011 – Business development manager
2010 – Head of marketing Business Unit 1 Pfizer Hungary
2009-2010 – Medical team leader psychiatry / Zeldox – Specialty Care Business Unit Europe / Australia New Zealand Employer: Pfizer Hungary, team location: Paris, France
2006-2009 – European Brand manager, Senior European Brand Manager Zeldox European Brand Team (EBT), Zeldox, Neuroscience European Brand Team; Pfizer UK, Pfizer Germany
2002-2006 – Product manager Pfizer Hungary
2000-2002 – Sales representative Janssen-Cilag, division of Johnson & Johnson Ltd.

SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS (status as of May 2022)

Combined impact factor IF: 127.5 (129 publications, out of which journal article: 47; international journal 37, national journal in English 3; national journal in Hungarian 7; D1:18 Q1:10, Q2:7, Q3:2, Q4:5, not indexed English journals: 5. MTMT (Hungarian Scientific Bibliography) total citations: 433, out of which independent cintation:322, Hirsch index: 9. (Google Scholar total citations: 569, Hirsch-index: 12)


Frontiers in Health Services – Cost and Resource Allocation: Review Editor
PLOS One – Academic Editor


Slovenian Journal of Public Health, Rheumatology International, European Journal of Health Economics, PLoS One, Expert Opinion On Biological Therapy, Risk Management and Healthcare Policy, Smart Homecare Technology and TeleHealth, The Journal of Medical Economics, Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Applied Network Science, Biologics: Targets and Therapy, Open Access Rheumatology: Research and Reviews; ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research, International Journal of General Medicine, Nature Scientific Reports, Adis BioDrugs, Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research, Clinical Interventions in Aging, Frontiers Public Health, International Journal of General Medicine, Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, Frontiers Pharmacology, Frontiers in Pharmacology, section Drugs Outcomes Research and Policies, Journal of Inflammation Research, Frontiers in Psychology, BMJ Open, JMIR Neurotechnology, JMIR Formative Research, JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies, JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, JMIR Research Protocols, Interactive Journal of Medical Research, Heliyon, Nursing Open

Prof. Dr. Márta Péntek

Prof. Márta Péntek graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Semmelweis University in 1989, and then qualified in rheumatology and physiotherapy in 1997. She obtained her PhD degree from the Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine of Semmelweis University in 2008 and successfully defended her theses for the title of Doctor of Science (DSc) of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2022.

She has been working as a rheumatologist at the Rheumatology Department of the Flór Ferenc Hospital since 1989. Between 2009 and 2020, she worked as an adjunct professor, associate professor and from 2015 onwards as a full professor at the Department of Health Economics (and its predecessors) of the Corvinus University of Budapest. Since 2020, she has been working as a full professor the Health Economics Research Centre at Óbuda University. She is a PhD supervisor at the Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics and lecturer at Innovation Management Doctoral School at Óbuda University. As an invited lecturer, she has been teaching at the doctoral schools of several universities abroad. So far, she has been the topic supervisor and co-supervisor of 8 successfully defended PhD students and is currently the topic supervisor of 3 PhD students (

Her main research interests are the measurement and evaluation of health-related quality of life, preferences of patiens and the general public, methodological issues of measuring disease burden on the individual and societal level, with strong focus on their application in clinical, financial and health policy decision making.

She has successfully applied for and been the national leader/coordinator/senior researcher of EU Horizon international research programmes (EuroQol; BurQol-RD (; HealthPros ( and currently she is leading the Bur-EB project ( and the European Network on Optimising Treatment with Therapeutic Antibodies in chronic inflammatory diseases – Cost Action OC-2021-1-25445 ( in Hungary. She is the leader of the ’Development and evaluation of innovative and digital health technologies – Evaluation of digital medical devices: efficacy, safety and social utility’ research project in Hungary. Professor Péntek is a member of the EuroQol Group ( She is the Chair of the Section of Health and Health Economics of the Hungarian Economic Society since 2014.

Prof. Péntek has published 182 scientific articles, 8 books and 20 book chapters. Her impact factor is 435.5, has 2684 citations (1807 independent citations), Hirsch index of 31.  She was guest editor of the 2019 supplement of The European Journal of Health Economics ( Her publications in the field of budget impact analysis, cost-effectiveness and measurement of health gains has achieved remarkable citations worldwide.

Prof. Dr. László Gulácsi

László Gulácsi works as a Vice Rector for Research, and a professor at Health Economics Research Centre, University Research and Innovation Center, Óbuda University of Budapest, Hungary. He is a head of the Innovation management Doctoral School Óbuda University. He is a member of the Standing Committee of Pharmacy, Hungarian Academy of Science.

By profession he is a physician (Debrecen Medical University), having university degrees of programming mathematics (Kossuth Lajos University of Arts and Sciences, Debrecen), mathematical economics and sociology (Corvinus University of Budapest) and health economics (University of York).

He received PhD degrees from the Medical University of Amsterdam, Corvinus University of Budapest, Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest and from the Debrecen Medical University. He is qualified in social medicine.

Habilitated and he is a Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Science.

He is a member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Health Economics (EJHE) IF:3,689, the Value in Health Regional Issues (ViHRI) Editorial Advisory Board, the Editorial Board of the Hungarian Medical Journal IF: 0,540, and the Society and Economy, Health Academy, University of Pécs.

He worked as vice rector for research Corvinus University of Budapest 2018-2019. He was a founding head of Department of Health Economics (2013-2020) and founding head of Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment Research Center, Corvinus University of Budapest. He is the founding past President of the Health and Health Care Economics Section of the Hungarian Economics Association (2010-2015).

To date he (co)authored 348 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals, published 16 books, 78 book chapters on health economics, public health, health technology assessment, health policy and quality improvement.

IF: 389,619 MTMT1 Citations 4344, Hirsh index 34. GoogleScholar: Citations: 6024. Hirsch index 44. (

In the past 5 years (2017-2021) publications: Q1: 43 (D1:28), Q2: 11.